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Construction systems

Our goal has always been to introduce modern technology to the equestrian world. Many riding arenas that are built today still work with the same technology as 30-40 years ago. To do our part to push the equestrian sport to the next level, we have been innovating ever since and we will continue to do so. All our systems are tested and proven, not just by the riders and horses that work on it every day, but with scientific measurements that give us information about the most important values. Water retention capacity, shock absorption, homogeneity, and others are parameters, that help us create the riding arena that is fitted to your needs and will fulfill your expectations. Our portfolio includes the use of innovative materials such as shock absorption foams, drip irrigation mats, and up-to-date ebb & flow systems.

Tell us your requirements and we start our research to offer you an arena that has the right system for


See the gallery below for some of our past projects and the different systems we work with. Contact us to find the solution that is best for your purpose!

Ebb-and-flow arena with shock absorption technology

Click through the gallery to see the installation process

Arena with automated subterrenean drip irrigation

Click through the gallery to see the installation process

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