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Not only are we constructing or consulting your arena projects, if not you can also purchase individual materials to create and maintain your own footing layer.


Geotextiles are important to retain humidity in the footing layer, as each kilo of geotextile can absorb up to 4 liters of water. It exists in different materials i.e. Polypropylene or Polyester, as well as different colors and sizes.
The purpose of the fibers is to give root structure to the footing layer. You can get “hair” like fibers in different thicknesses, as well as carpet fibers in different lengths. We can prepare you any mix between geotextiles and fibers, if it is within our manufacturing possibilities.


Arena drags

Do you change the oil, break pads, tires on your car? Maintenance is also essential to your arena. As your preferred arena builder we can only provide you with 60 -70 % of your perfect footing. The rest is your duty through daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. Here for, the arena drag is of upmost importance to perform great.


A man’s work can only be as good as the tools he is provided with.

More info about arena drags and pricing in this link.

Arena drags


Sand is the most essential ingredient of the footing layer, after 20 years in the business, working on 5 continents, always using local materials, we know how to help you. Granulometry, chemical composition, grain shape, we consider all of the sands specs when selecting materials for our footing layers.


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